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How to set up .con parameters

Go to software setup

Type “linsn” in the frames box

Input password 168 and click OK.

Go to “Display Connection” Tab key the set mode to normal, select real/virtual display. Say if the cabinet assemble is 4x3,enter 4 in horizontal and 3 in vertical as above.

Now click mouse on one cabinet as above and it will turn black, now input the number of pixels per cabinet that is the width and the height which you can see near the “screen area color correction”

Now press the CTRL button on the key board and select all the cabinets in the order mentioned as above from 1 to 12. Next send to receiver and then save to receiver, this will create the new configuration


  • To save .con files you can say save to file,this will help you prepare say 4x3 cabinets or 4x4 cabinets or 2x2 cabinets or any size you want to use and keep it ready so you don’t have to create everytime. You just will need to go to display connection and load from files.
  • Another important note is that .con files can be created only in the computer which sending card is installed or by connecting the video processor to a computer and setting up the parameters. After setting the parameters, you can disconnect the computer from the video processor and start to use.