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LED Display Common Fault and trouble shootng

1.     Phenomenon: the big screen is not bright.

Problem: The DVI cable is not plugged in,or the graphics card has been set incorrectly.

Solution: Please check it whether the light of sending card is flashing,if not,continue to check if the DVI cable is plugged in or the graphics drivers is set correctly;f the light is flashing ,check it if the cable between the screen and sending card is plugged in or damaged.

2.     Phenomenon: Full-screen image is fuzzy or straggly.

Problem: The RCG file of the sending card was damaged.

Solution: Sending the RCG file once again.

3.     Phenomenon: The image of the large screen isn’t spliced into a complete image.

Problem: There is something wrong with the CON file.

Solution: Sending the CON file of the play software again.

4.     Phenomenon: The screen of a cabinet and the subsequent one turns black.

                (e.g: the screen of the 5th cabinet and the next one turns black)

   Problem:  Check it if the signal light of the receiver card on the 5th cabinet is flashing or not.(Green is the signal light,while red is the power light)

   Solution: 1).Check it if the signal light of the receiver cards on the 5th cabinet is flashing.If not,check the cable between the 4th and 5th cabinet,also check  the input of the 4th and the output of the 5th cabinet.

           2)If the light of the receiver cards on the 5th cabinet is flashing,there is something is wrong with the receiver cards and the HUB of the 5th cabinet,or the HUB card is not plugged well or the receiver cards is damaged .

5. Phenomenon: The module shows abnormal or not bright.

  Solution:1) Check the input cable of the module and make sure it’s properly connected.

          2) Check the output of this module if there’s anything wrong.

      3) Check the module if there’re anything problems.

6. Phenomenon:  Some lights does not shine or a square area or one of the colors of lights do not shine.

   Solution: 1) If there are several lights not bright,check the pin of the IC in case of a cold solder joint.

           2) If there are lights of a square region not bright,check the IC which controlled them. And check the nearest resistance of this IC,make sure they’re well welded,if not,please replace the IC