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Software setup description

Software setup description

一、Installing the graphics card

1、Installing the MICROSOFT.NET

2、Installation of the display software

二、Graphics card setup

1、If you want to install the ATI graphics card,please click “SETUP”

Double click “setup”begin setup

2; After the intallation is completed,click“catalyst control center”

setup done Double click”catalyst control center”

3、Select the basic /simple setup wizard

choice “Basic{Easy Setup wizards and Quick Settings}

Click ”Next” to continue

4,    The fourth:

setup my display configuration  Click “Go” to continue

5、The five

ⅰ). Available Display Devices:

Choose main display Click “Analog Monitor”{Lcd-Monitar}

Click “Digital Flat Panel”{Led 1027x768}

Click “Next” to continue

The six

6、Select a Desktop Mode

Click :Clone”{Current Mode}

Click “Next” to continue

The Seven

7、Display Settings for Desktop Viewing

Desktop 1 is the main adapter(open:using and the main adapter), drag desktop 2 to the right of desktop 1.

Main: Lcd-Mantior And Clone:Led 1024x768

Desktop Area:1024x768

Click “Finish” to Succeed

A、monitor management

Desktop 1(start-up( √)、maim monitor( √))

B、Desktop and monitor setup

Desktop 1 + Desktop 2

Click “OK” to continue

8、A、Display manager

Desktop and Display setup :

{ main+copy}

2 start-up( √)

B、Desktop2 monitor setup

Led 1024x768 {Expland} color {32bit} reftesh rate {60HZ}

C、Click “OK” to continue

三、LEDStudio Setup

1、Display number、size、location

ⅰ、Location 1: Set the level starting point of the play area.(It should keep along with the playing area.)

ⅱ.Location 2:Set the vertical starting point of the playing area

ⅲ.Location 3:Set the level width of the playing area(It should be kept along with the real with of the big display).

ⅳ. Location 4: Set the vertical height of the playing area(It should be kept along with the real height of the big display).

ⅴ.Set the number of screens that one computer controls,click “refresh number of the screen”after finishing the setup.

2、Set the large display area

Click “set large screen “to set it,keep the parameters along with the ones in the play software setup.

3、Load the program of RCG and CON

1):The condition of loading the RCG program

ⅰ.After the display is lightened up,load the RCG program if there’s some problems with some of the screen diplaying.

ⅱ.Replace the receiver with a new one

2):The condition of loading the CON program

After the screen is lightened up,the receiver shows normal,there appears no a complete picture.

3):Loading method

Click “Load from files”at the bottom of the receiver,and load the RCG program, then click “Send to receiver and Save on receiver”.Until now,you have loaded the RCG program.

The same as above,load the CON program from “Display Connection”,and then click “Send to receiver and Save on receiver”.Till now,you have loaded the CON program.