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Indoor Die cast Curve screen 500mm x 500mm

Cabinet Size: 500x500mm

Applicastion: Stage, show room, T station, meeting room

Type Name: IRC3.91 / IRC4.81 / IRC6.25

Pixel pitch: 3.91mm / 4.81mm / 6.25mm

The cabinet design the adjust lock to suitalbe assemble  different shape according to application .it is also can do 500 x 1000 mm cabinet .

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500 mmx 500 mm  Die cast alumium cabinet

Fast and Easy Installation: Die casting aluminum cabinet, light weight, slim depth, fast locks guarantee the fast and easy installation & dismantle.

Slim Depth :Depth of the cabinet is only 100mm, take small space, which is great convenient for rental and transportation.

Light Weight; Weight of each cabinet is only 9 kg, only one people can easily install and move it. It saves man power.

Professional-grade Connectors :500 MM Series  rental cabinets use professional grade connectors for fast installation, safe and stable connection.

High Refresh Rate:The refresh rate is more than 1000HZ, it is flicker-free when live broadcast. It fully meets the needs of professional camera shooting.

Wide Viewing Angle:Horizontal and vertical viewing angle is 140 degrees, pictures and videos of the display can be viewed by more viewers.

No Fan Design:No fan design guarantees silent operation.

Fast and Easy to Maintain :The power and signal working status were showed, convenient for you to check out problem at the first time.

Quality Guaranteed :The product is designed and produced in strict compliance with international standards, such as CE, ROHS.